Belmont & Edgware Cricket Club



Belmont CC was formed in 1974, the brainchild of Ronny Palester of Belmont Synagogue. His friends said "I'll give it half a year"... well here we are 45 years later! 

At the start of 2004, Belmont CC and Edgware Wanderers CC brought their resources and talent together. Since then, the club has had its ups and downs but is now growing fast again.

Currently we play Sunday friendlies, Middlesex Sunday League cricket and midweek T20 matches. Oppositions are a mix of Jewish clubs and non-Jewish clubs creating the opportunity to interact with players from all over the globe. We also run regular nets throughout the winter which are great opportunities to get to know your new team mates!

Social activities are also run to create a strong bond and sense of unity between team-members and has proven beneficial and an asset to help win matches.

If you are interested in joining or would simply like more information, please contact Club Captain Elliott Mayer on 07903 383 383 or